Hapori is our new Organic Espresso & Salad bar located in the Chantals Shop. Here we are serving delicious coffee and simple food with an adjoining Community Event Space. There is a social objective to this project, manifesting our broader vision to include and integrate our neighbourhood in one space, creating purposeful connection between suppliers and customers; who are our families and community.
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At Hapori we believe that abundance is benefited by collective enrichment. Hapori seeks to weave individual aspiration into a cohesive community enterprise. 

Hapori unifies communal will.


At Hapori we believe that when we work together we can all thrive.
We believe that through collective effort we can effectively meet our communal needs. 
Hapori facilitates collective enterprise.
At Hapori we see creativity as socialised processes that link visions, know-hows and knowledge through practices of sharing.
 Hapori fosters creation.
At Hapori we believe that with shared vision we flourish. Haproi cultivates a space for us to collectively dream our hopes for the future. 
Hapori grows our dreams.