Chicken Liver Pate

Chicken Liver Pate

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Livers are loaded with iron and B vitamins (most notably B12) and are an excellent food for anyone prone to anaemia including pregnant or lactating women, infants and the elderly. They are a superfood but the quality is essential as they are an organ that stores toxins, chemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs. The old-timers scrupulously checked their livers before choosing which ones to keep, discarding any that had blemishes or any sign of disease.  

Hapī really wanted to provide a high-quality, organic and free-range option of this classic superfood. No factory farmed pig livers here!

We have used "Aunt Henny's" old-fashioned recipe passed on by a school friend over 20 years ago. It uses butter which has always worked well but we are planning to develop a delicious dairy-free version for the many of us who are now dairy intolerant. 

Ingredients: Butter*, Chicken Livers, Onion*, Date*, Brandy*, Sage*, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Pepper. (*organic or wildcrafted)

Stores at 4C for 10 days from day it is made.