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A Hapi Tummy

Fermentation is a traditional way of preserving food that is experiencing resurgence at the moment and we at Hapi are right behind it! You can find Petra – ‘The Fermentress’ at Hapi on a Monday and Tuesday. Busy out the back making her famous vegan kimchi, mixing up new kombucha flavours and basically being an all-round fermenting bawse! Try as you might to eradicate it with antimicrobial sprays and hand-wash, yeast and bacteria are everywhere But these microbial cultures aren’t always the bad guys! They populate our digestive tracts and play a critical role in the break down and utilisation of the food we eat. Natural fermentation methods have shown to preserve the nutrients and increase digestibility due to the...

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To Soak, or Not to Soak

Most traditional cultures knew the importance of soaking, sprouting and fermenting nuts, seeds and grains in order to improve their digestibility. Somewhere between then and now we lost the reason behind this process. Although it may fall low on your priority list, I’d like to shed some light on the health benefits of getting your soaks on. Nuts, seeds and grains are important sources of vitamins, minerals, protein and complex carbohydrates – particularly if you follow a plant based diet. But lurking in these foods is a pesky substance called phytic acid. Phytic acid binds to minerals, acting almost like an anti-nutrient. Preventing the absorption of many minerals and causing them to be leave the body as waste. In low...

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The Bitter Principle

We all know that what is good for us is not always the easiest or most pleasurable experience. But often over time our reaction to these experiences change, and we learn to enjoy or even crave the taste we once disliked. This has been my experience with the green smoothie, the one I make for myself is a gnarly one, full of fresh ginger, herbs and kale. It is half goop, half smoothie and one that takes a fair amount of chewing! Did you know that chewing, or at least swilling your smoothie is an important step in ensuring that your stomach is gastrically prepared for this liquid onslaught?. Swilling and chewing brings flavours into contact with your lingual taste receptors,...

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