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Hapī One Day Cleanse Pack

1 Day Cleanse
1 Day Cleanse

Hapī One Day Cleanse Pack

1 Day Cleanse
1 Day Cleanse

Most people will agree that as a whole, we could be more careful with what we put in our bodies, on our bodies and near our bodies. The organs of our body (most notably the liver) are amazing natural detoxifiers, designed to keep us safe from many impurities. Unfortunately, our bodies are not equipped to deal with the current onslaught of synthetic toxins that we ingest, breathe, and absorb through our skin, on a daily basis. 

We can help our body’s innate detoxifying by ensuring that we eat sensibly, drink plenty of water and avoid toxins such as alcohol, chemicals, and drugs. But there are times where our bodies need a bit of guidance and encouragement in order to find equilibrium again. A cleanse works by giving your body a much needed break. Our cleanse packages are designed to flood the body with antioxidants, enhance the liver's phases of detoxification and ensure that toxins are chelated and eliminated through the appropriate routes.

Most importantly, our cleanse package is designed to encourage lifestyle and dietary changes rather than a quick fix. The aim of our cleanse is to spark changes that allow you to reconnect with your body’s innate knowledge, meaning you can make intuitive decisions and live a more healthy life. 

Our Cleanse bundle contains everything you need for 1 day of cleansing: 

-1x 250mL Charcoal Lemonade
-2 x 250mL Alkalising Green Multi Cold Pressed Juice
-1x 250mL Grounding Cold Pressed Juice
-1x 250mL Cleanse Cold Pressed Juice
-1x 250mL Almond and Date Milk
-1x 500mL Chicken Broth (paleo) or Miso Wakame Broth (vegan)
-1 sachet Detoxifying Herbal Infusion Blend 

Adjust the quantity you purchase to the number of days you want to cleanse for.
3 days is recommended for optimum benefits.

Please read our guidelines on how to prepare for your cleanse. We recommend cleansing under the guidance of a qualified health practitioner and this is essential if you have any chronic health conditions.


Ingredients: *organic or wildcrafted
-Charcoal Lemonade: Lemon*, Maple Syrup*, Activated Charcoal*, Chlorella*
-Green Multi Elixir: Apple*, Lemon*, Grapefruit, Kale*, Parsley*, Coriander*, Spirulina* 
-Cleanse Elixir: Orange*, Lemon*, Turmeric*, Cayenne, Phytomed Milk Thistle Fluid Extract 
-Grounding Elixir: Beetroot*, Apple*, Ginger*, Phytomed Dandelion Fluid Extract
-Almond Milk: Almonds, Filtered Artisan Water (Napier Municipal source), Dates*, Fijian Vanilla*, Sea Salt*
-Chicken Broth: Chicken*, filtered artisan water (Napier Municipal), Horsetail*, Nettle*, Kelp*, Apple Cider Vinegar*
-Miso Broth: Aya's Miso (Hawkes Bay Grown Black Soya Beans*, Brown Jasmine Rice*, Koji culture) Wakame, Sesame Oil, Tamari*, Spring Onion. 

Customer Reviews

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Christine Lilley
Just what my body needed

After the busy holiday and Christmas season my body needed a reset. 3day with Hapi was perfect and felt amazing, thank you for the reset I needed. My digestive system and body can’t thank you enough, Chris

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