Restorative Broth - Chicken

Restorative Broth - Chicken

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We use fresh Bostock's certified organic chickens and traditional herbal medicine to create a restorative bone broth suitable for all ages and ailments. The broth has been simmered for 8 hours minimum with apple cider vinegar added to potentise mineral extraction and assimilation.

"A good broth will resurrect the dead." Click here for nutritional expert Sally Fallon's detailed description of the benefits of incorporating bone broth into our daily diet. 

Ingredients: Chicken*, filtered artisan water (Napier Municipal), Horsetail*, Nettle*, Kelp*, Apple Cider Vinegar*. (*Certified organic or wild-crafted)

Available in 500ml & 1 litre glass bottles. Stores at 4C or lower for 7 days from day it is made.