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Nut Mylk - Cacaoccino

Nut Mylk - Cacaoccino

Made with 100% Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao this mylk is something damn special and our best seller by a country mile. Activated hazelnuts and brazil nuts are blended with melted chocolate and the smallest amount of maple syrup to create a rich, satisfying and ridiculously healthy chocolate mylk. Cacao is loaded with bioavailable magnesium and we have watched it cure migraines, depression and midday lethargy. It is delicious steamed and lots of our customers in the shop have substituted it for their morning coffee with no looking back!?!!

Our cacao is sourced by Sally & Corin from Seleno Health from their whanau and colleagues in Peru and Central America, the ancient home of cacao. Of the cacao they supply us they write -

"To be considered ceremonial grade cacao must be prepared from only 100% pure organic cacao beans that have been naturally sun-dried, hand-peeled and milled to form the paste. Nothing added, nothing removed. It is cacao is it’s purest form beautifully blended in its own full-fat to produce a creamy 100% pure block. 

It is made from premium hand-selected single-origin Criollo cacao beans. These are the most rare and premium cacao famous for its incredibly aromatic flavour and aroma as well as containing the highest levels of medicinal components. It is however very delicate, low yielding and requires careful attention and support from the jungle canopy to thrive. This variety is not used for mass production as it cannot produce on a large scale. For authentic ceremonial cacao the pods are individually hand-picked with permission from the tree, inspected for imperfections and beans are graded to select only the finest."

Ingredients: HazelnutBrazilnut*,  Filtered Artisan Water (Napier Municipal source), 100% Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao*, Maple Syrup*, Fijian Vanilla*, Sea Salt* (*certified organic or wildcrafted)

Available in 250ml & 1 litre glass bottles. Stores below 4C for 5 days from day it is made. 

**Nuts are "activated" through soaking and each nut has its own optimum soaking time.  While soaking the nuts release enzyme inhibitors which can be difficult to digest and living enzymes are activated as if in preparation for germination. Nut mylks are living foods and a convenient and delicious source of instantly bioavailable nutrition. 

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