Be Hapī

At Hapī we work hard to manifest a vision for ourselves, our families and our community. Our principles are timeless and inform everything we do. 

Mauri - Integrity & Resilience


Living vital foods are a powerful source of abundant health and healing. At Hapī we place enormous importance on the integrity of our source ingredients. We work with suppliers who uphold traditional, organic and wildcrafted methods to produce the highest quality whole foods. We prepare these raw ingredients with respect, using methods that enhance the vitality of the ingredients. 

Hapī restores and enhances health. 


Whānau - Belong and Beloved


Loving relationships underpin all life processes and are essential to health and wellbeing.  At Hapī we make decisions that benefit the wellbeing of our family. We understand family in the widest sense of the word. Our suppliers are our family. Our customers are our family. 

Hapī grows loving communities.


Manāki - Give & Receive


There is beautiful dignity and humility in our capacity to give and receive. At Hapī our customers are our guests and we seek to be welcoming and generous at all times. In return we accept reciprocity for our labour that enables us to uphold the sustainability and integrity of what we do. 

Hapī creates abundance. 


Marama - Learn & Share

Marama is the journey towards enlightenment. At Hapī we strive to grow our knowledge of healing foods and share this with our community.  We consciously create platforms for open knowledge sharing and growth. 

Hapī inspires transformation.


Wairua - Gratitude & Peace

The creative energy of the universe is a limitless source of health and healing. At Hapī we have faith that the food we prepare can restore and enhance health. We maintain strict practices to protect the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our premises, our staff and our products.

Hapī nurtures harmony.